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What's a good program -- please advise

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Posted Dec 09, 2010 at 10:43:23 PM
Subject: What's a good program -- please advise

Hi, I am new here and never posted though I've read quite a few posts. Please advise as I really need your opinions. My daughter is 7.5 years, in second grade. She is keeping up with school, but with great difficulty. Lots of extra math practice, reading is on level or just about but it’s been painful and the gains are very slow for the amount of practice she puts in. Her neuro-psychological evaluation last year came back with low scores across the board, with auditory comprehension and visual spatial skills in the 1st percentiles. A follow up auditory processing evaluation confirmed significant deficiencies. Since the eval, she's had a year of speech therapy outside of IEP plus used Earobics in summer. She recently started visual therapy but I am not seeing any results. I am looking for something that would help her across the board, not just auditory skills. I came across Audibox, and the reviews on this site have been very positive.

My goals would be to improve my daughter’s memory, processing abilities and speed, visual and auditory skills. Could you please advise whether audiblox would be the right program for my daughter, or should I look into something else? Btw, i absolutely need a home based program. I will not be able to take her anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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Posted:Dec 26, 2010 10:19:34 PM

My wife, Diana is a specialist tutor working with children struggling at school (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD etc) and is about to release a home version of what she does. Her system does work with literacy, developing short term memory, increasing long term memory recall speed, self-esteem etc.
Perhaps you could email her at diana@kinalearn.com I'm sure she wouldn't mind answering some questions and give you some hints and tips.

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Posted:May 02, 2011 5:51:25 PM

If you need a tutor in the North New Jersey area, I have a great program teaching a direct muti-sensory way of learning reading, writing, spelling and grammar. The Orton-Gillingham approach to learning is the best way to teach students with special needs. I have many years of experience-teaching students with learning disabilities. I would suggest teaching her how to visualize in her mind. There is a program that can teach you how to teach her. I teach it to my students and it works. It helps with understanding, reading, oral and writing comprehension. It also helps with visual- spatial issues. All children are not born with the ability to visualize the same way or make pictures in their minds. Practicing visualizing will greatly improve the connection with pictures and words in the brain. With this connection, people become better at comprehension and seeing the whole picture instead of some details. Visualizing also helps memory!!!!!!

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