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Posted Jan 10, 2011 at 6:01:06 AM
Subject: ADHD Alternatives

Having your child diagnosed is a horrible experience for all involved except perhaps the one getting payed to perform the evaluation. In the end they tell you your child isn't normal and that there is only one treatment for ADHD. Drug therapy. They tell you how it improves your child's this that and the other thing. They gloss over how it causes massive weight gain or weight loss and other short term side effects. They don't usually even mention the long term effects at all. Nor do they tell you the details of what studies are showing about these drugs. For example, Ritalin effects the brain in the exact same way as cocaine, only enhanced. So feeding your kid ritalin is to give them the equivalent of legal Dr. perscribed cocaine. The problem with this is, they can't show you how that effect treats ADHD. They can't show this to you because the existence of ADHD is debatable and is hotly debated. The reason why is that there is no physical evidence that has not been categorically disproved as the cause of ADHD. No real scientist would say there is any scientific merit to the diagnosis process for ADHD. So perhaps that is a rather thin standard upon which to feed your child the chemical equivalent of cocaine.

What they don't tell you is how much money the expert gets from promoting drug therapies from the drug companies, the long term effects and usually they barely touch on the short term effects. They don't tell you really much. They try your child in the equivalent of a kangaroo court and issue a decree of your child's unsoundness.

You DO have a choice though! You can say no to pills! Pills with horrible side effects for the long and short term. For example long term use of ritalin causes the frontal lobe to shrink by over 5%. What is interesting is that NIMH studies show these drugs only have any positive effect for upto 3 years after which you are still getting all the negative from them but none of the positive. NIMH studies have also shown that children with ADHD who are never medicated generally grow up to be happier and healthier than those who are medicated.

You DO have a choice. There are alternatives you can try tohelp your child with. If this option doesn't work theres still time for drug treatments later. So where is the harm in trying this before allowing the proffiteers off drugs to medicate your child? If it works, you have gained a child that is happy and healthy and drug free doing decently in school doing better in all areas of their life without the crappy side effects. If it doesn't work, what have you really lost by giving nature a chance first, as there is always time later for unnatural therapeutic interventions.

Think about it, because the choice is yours.


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