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Posted Jan 14, 2011 at 9:45:24 AM
Subject: Honor Roll

My child is ED, ADHD and ODD. My child earns the grades to make the honor roll. The school division has a policy that a student also must make all satisfactory marks in conduct in order to make the honor roll. I have outside specialists that work with him in the school and if there is any issues with his behavior the teacher can radio this person to come work with him and calm him down. I feel that his behavior is a direct result of his disability. I feel that being denied the honor roll due to his disability is wrong. As stated before he has the grades. Am I all wet in thinking that he is being discriminated against because of his disabiliuty?

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Posted:Jan 15, 2011 3:55:09 AM
Subject:Honor Roll

Given that you have 2 outside specialists work with him in the school, then this suggests that you have medical reports that document his behavior issues as a result of his disability. So that he is clearly being discriminated against. Where the crucial distinction is that it is not willful mis-behavior, but the result of a medical condition.
Where I imagine that you can show that attempts are being made to address this.

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Judy Hanning
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Posted:Jan 18, 2011 6:28:03 AM

I would just like to ask if you have had the chance to talk to the teachers about your child's performance. Try to clarify with them their school's regulation with regards to being included in the honor roll. A good talk will eventually clarify everything both for you and the school about your situation with your son being in the school's honor roll.

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