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Need Help Choosing Processing Program Lindamood Bell Tutor

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Posted Jan 29, 2011 at 6:15:42 PM
Subject: Need Help Choosing Processing Program Lindamood Bell Tutor

I've been reading these forums for at least 5 years and the time has come for me to post!! I have a nine year old son who has been so tricky to diagnose- I've done so much and feel as though we've just been turning in circles. Our most recent speech eval showed major issues in processing- both language and auditory. Testing years below his age. He suffers from alot of anxiety and attention issues. His strengths are long term memory, spelling and decoding (taught himself to read in at age 5 and can read anything). His main area of weakness is reading comprehension/working memory. I have been looking into programs to help with processing and so many focus on phonics- which is his strength. I am also confused about the auditory processing because it seems a child with this disorder would not be able to read/decode as he does- and his spelling abilities are way above average. However, he does struggle following directions and asks for things for be repeated often. I defnitely want to hire a Lindamood Bell tutor to do the V/V program with him- I live in Raleigh, NC- if anyone has any suggestions. I also want advice on the best software program- CogMed, BrainSkills, FastForward, Earobics or PACE, interactive metronome etc. There is alot out there for sure!!! I am willing to spend some money if it's spent in a way that will help my son to succeed! Any advice is appreciated!!!

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Hello! If your son is receiving special education services in school, would you be willing to fill out a questionnaire that I created for my graduate school class? I would REALLY appreciate it.
Please, if you could email me at JuliaKLarson@gmail.com and let me know. Or you could reply here. Thank you!

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