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Major learning issues, need advice

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Posted Feb 11, 2011 at 12:00:13 PM
Subject: Major learning issues, need advice

My son is 14 with Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. He has many executive functioning deficits and I suspect auditory processing as well as other LDs, but all the traditional tests come out with no dx. His verbal IQ is lower than his performance. He was in OT for 4 years and now in again, but not a good program bc there are no services where we live right now, moving to Fort Carson in May. I homeschool and he is really behind with writing, spelling, math and comprehension. By the time I can get an eval, we will already be moving and I want to do something to help him now. When he was in OT before, they recommended Interactive Metronome, which will have to wait until we move and The Listening Program. The issue I am having is I am wanting to try something out that is not $500 like TLP unless it is really going to be worth it. I would love to get Lexia's Cross Trainer, but cannot find it anywhere unless I lived in NZ! I know that there is something that can help him, I just am unsure of what it may be. Any advice welcome. I got the homeschool stuff pretty much down, just trying to find ways to cure or treat his learning difficulties. Thanks!

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