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Posted Feb 20, 2011 at 11:11:22 PM
Subject: Real Help

Okay.. I have read the post here. I had also been on this forum prior to my current life situation.

The short deal...
I need a real elevation of LD or ADD in Connecticut..

Current life deal ... Crazy 40 old but feel and possible act much younger. Many people who meet me think I am in my late twenties. Oh and I have mom brain, need to 20 lb, 2 kids (bfing, pt co-sleeping w/), 2 cats which my husband hates and oh a house.. All in 5 years. And a great and very understanding boss that let me work 2 days a week for $18 hour now. Oh on another amazing note I have been there for 10 year. How I am not sure.. Understanding and only 4 people to deal with, other then a few customers.

I have been in and out of jobs either laid off or fired. I am surprised I have been able to keep my current one even if it is only 2 days a week know. I worked for several different companies usually for a 3 years max.. The last good before this one kept me unemployed for a year and a half. I didn't I was employable my supervisor wanted proof of my LD I had none.. But it was there.. I could process what the people was saying about there issue, type it out so others could read it, then try to solve the issue in 5 mins. I was there for an hour after work everyday. My current job I would work at least 45 to 60 hrs and only pay for 40 hrs.

I went through special ed classes all through elementary, middle, high school and the first year of college. I got into college (3 associates degrees, 1 BA and two certificates) by taking an IQ test because I got a 400 on my SATS. I was told in school I had a LD but I not sure what one or ones..

I have a hard time; reading, do simple math, write, organizing my thoughts, and computation (sp). My boss stop having me go to meeting with him because I would be so exhausted trying to understand what I need to write down, spell it correct so I can understand it later.

So you are worrying what my problems.. I am having issue with anxiety, depression, lack of friends, and difficulty with the people I have in my life for number of reason.. Sensitive to issue that bother them. I have never been good at expressing myself and now I have been trying to find some new friends aka Mom friends. I just don't feel like I fit in with any group. I try but not hard enough or too hard. The other deal is with my kids.. I cant do CRY OUT just no way or WHINE IT OUT.. It send me over the edge... Total anxiety and frustration..

I need suggestions because my mood is killing me... My lack of motion is not cool.. I feel I should be doing more of what I'm doing or better without drama...

I need a real elevation of LD or ADD in Connecticut..
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