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Vineland II behavior assessment

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Posted Apr 06, 2011 at 10:12:35 AM
Subject: Vineland II behavior assessment

My daughter underwent the Vineland II. A questionnaire was sent home for us to fill out. We then had a meeting with the school social worker who administred an interview and filled out another questionnaire similar to the one we did at home, but shorter. I just received her written report yesterday. I started researching the test further. I read specifically that the test administer was not to read from the questionnaire directly, but rather interview us, ask us questions, and then fill it out herself. She read the questions off the paper line by line and then circled our answers. What do I do about this? This makes it seem as if we the parents filled out the questionnaire twice, instead of one by the parent and one by the test administrator. Further, the report lists 5 domains of tests and a standard score beside it. On further research of the test I learned that each domain has 2 or 3 subtest areas all of which have smaller scores that make up the main domain score. The subtests and scores are listed nowhere on the paper. Where is this information? Where do I learn more about how the test is to be done, who is to do it, and what this report from the school is to contain? I am thinking right now that it is invalid, and incomplete. Help.

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