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What steps to get correct services

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Posted Apr 15, 2011 at 11:57:05 AM
Subject: What steps to get correct services

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted last. Things have not changed with my son or his school. Last school year he did make a big improvment then, this year came rolling around. New teachers, new way of learning...ect.
My son is in a reg. class with resources.
Speech therapy 1xweek 30 mins.
lang. therapy 3x week 30 mins.
co-ed teaching 80 mins a day
OT 1x week 30 mins.
instructions in reading, math and written lang. 30 mins a day for each subject. Currently has an IEP

Diagnosis: ADHD
Auditory Processing Disorder(decoding)
Visual Processing Disorder

My son has not made any improvements this school year. His reading and writing are preschool to K lvl most times his writing is unreadable. He is is 2nd (suppose to be in 3rd as he was held back a year in K). School and I have been going around and aroujnd on whats best for my son. I have requested full time special ed class. They of course are saying the CWC class setting is best for him. My son gets teased alot where he has no one to play with. His DR and I have talked on his education and she has requested more testing which we go in May. The DR. is testing him on LD issues as well as Asperger's. She said he also, showed some signs of OCD.

I'm needing to know what steps I need to take with the school for my son to get the correct services, be with teachers who will actually help him (as school has told me my son is very complicated and they don't know how to help him), also the laws on our rights here in Missouri. I know before some of you had responded and stated he wasnt getting enough help or his goals werent set to 100% for mastering either.
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