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Learning Strategies in the 1960s-1980's vs. Today

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Posted Jun 18, 2011 at 2:26:14 PM
Subject: Learning Strategies in the 1960s-1980's vs. Today


I was not formally diagnosed until I was an adult. The accommodations I usually got were pull out reading instruction and time spent in the Resource Room in high school doing countless comprehension and sequencing exercises. It was suggested I listen back to tapes from my biology class but beyond that (which didn't work) I wasn't given any other suggestions for note taking.

What accommodations and strategies did you receive and learn to manage your LD and ADD? Were they helpful? If you receive accommodations now for additional schooling how are they the same or different than they were back then? Or, if you have kids with LD and/or ADHD are the accommodations and learning strategies better today for them, what has worked for them?


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Posted:Jun 19, 2011 4:06:13 AM

The main change has come from increasing understanding of the complex range of Learning Disorders, so that more targeted interventions can be put in place.
Though it more often requires parents to become experts on their child's LD. So that they can educate the school and teachers.
Where the development of the internet, has given parents access to information, that they couldn't access before.

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