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need GED overwhelmed help

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Posted Jun 29, 2011 at 12:09:19 AM
Subject: need GED overwhelmed help

im writing this for my best,friend.,she suffered through school with 2 very unsupportive self centered parents and never,got the right help,she needed she is almost 21 and i helped her get on a waiting list for evaluation and she has ADHD NVLD and probably more. She is suicidal cuz it feels like she will always be stuck and never get to do what,she wants in life and that people wont give her a cHance at a job.,Ged and school feels impossible because shes always had trouble with tests studying and memorizing facts. Ive always said a one on one tutor Would be effective for learning. She needs someone shes comfortable with but she never got that,help and,idk how the ged could accomadate her memorizing problem and other problems. And,she wants,to,go to college but the problem is overcoming everything and im the only one there for her. We keep searching for options but,its hard i also have lds and i work to,support both of us and keep her as happy as possible with all,the constant upset and trying and failing. Please someone help!


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Posted:Jul 01, 2011 1:11:39 AM

Welcome To LDonline Sarah!

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