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teaching healthy realtionships, communicaiton skills

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Posted Jul 29, 2011 at 9:49:54 PM
Subject: teaching healthy realtionships, communicaiton skills

Hi, I am an Intervenor in Ontario Canada. I'm looking for any type of teaching/educaitonal resources/activites for teaching Healthy realtionship sklls, or communication skills.
An Intervenor is someone who supports a Deafblind (deaf and blind) individual in compelting their daily living tasks, plus provides them with the auditory/visual information they are missing.
These individuals are not classifed as "learning disabiled" however heairng and sight account for 95% of your senses. Take away 95% of your ability to learn and you have a deafblind person who is learning at a much slower speed than others their age.
It is a typical to teach individuals by reptiation, routine, and hands on experience (as touch is one of their highest forms of learning).
So the situation is the specific indivudual I am looking for assistance with is an adult (30's) and processes information reading at grade 8 lvl. but expereincing/understanding new information at a grade 2ish level.
They are interested in having a realtionship (adult) and are at the point where they are looking at a person and pointing saying "this is my girlfirend/boyfriend" (even though they have never met the person).
They have sex education this is not a concnern. . . We are trying to go back in fill in the parts they are missing. . . IE. communciation skills (how to talk with a girl/boy) (how to be friends) ( how to be a good boyfriend/girlfirend) . . . . . ANY RESOURCES at all would be very VERY helpful!!!! also anohter concern is understianding the difference between girlfirend/boyfriend, Intervenors(helpers), parents, family, friends etc. . . THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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