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Posted Aug 04, 2011 at 12:15:30 PM
Subject: Cognitive skills training

Greetings all!
I was just searching around the net and came across this wonderful, helpful forum, and I couldn't help but register to give any input I could to help, as this is a subject very close to my heart. The following is a little lengthy, must warn you! but full of information that I genuinely believe will benefit so many individuals on here.

I'm a University student residing in Miami, and due to a younger cousin suffering from ADHD and various learning disabilities, I became fascinated with the subject. I work at "What's On Your Mind", a company based in South Florida that specifically targets learning disabilities and improves cognitive functioning. In contrast to academic tutoring programs which target only subject areas, what this company is doing is completely revolutionary and something I'd never before come across. They specifically carry out an intricate brain training program that aims at processing speed, working memory, visual processing, auditory processing/analysis, logic and reasoning, selective attention, as well as other areas.
They have two programs: one is more for cognitive enhancement as I stated above, and the other is for attention concentration for children and adults suffering with ADHD or just general attention/concentration issues and having learning difficulties.

Difficulties with reading, writing, math, spelling, comprehension, working too slowly to complete academic tasks, poor memory, attention/concentration, and even motivation/behavior are all things we deal with. When something is too difficult, it's only human to shut down and become disconnected from that which is causing the mental turmoil; if the brain just "DOES NOT GET IT", one may be able to memorize certain concepts from subjects, but it doesn't make it any easier.

The company's website is: http://www.woym.net/
Our office phone number is (305) 937-6463

I love helping as much as I can and speaking over this kind of subject. I've been reading various posts and understand completely, which is why I felt the need to make this lengthy thesis of a post! Feel free to also call the office phone number at any time to speak directly with our program director, Dr. Fabian Redler, for even further information or questions on the programs I spoke of above.

Best always,
Anais (WOYMCognitiveTrainer)
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