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How do parents manage their jobs?

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Posted Aug 22, 2011 at 2:57:52 PM
Subject: How do parents manage their jobs?

Hello, I am new to the site. My daughter was assessed last spring in second gra for learning disabilities and it was found that she does have a specific LD in math conceptualization, specifically in word problems. Though she was not found to have problems with reading, spelling and writing, she definitely has real problems in those areas and struggles.

This is all new to my husband and I. We have found for over a year now that it takes a great deal of time for her to complete homework, she gets frustrated and we get frustrated at times. She is entering third grade this year which we keep hearing is such a critical grade and the pace will be accerlerated.

We both have highly demanding and responsible jobs, and I work fairly far away from where we live and where my children attend school. I have been feeling for quite some time that one of us has to change what we are doing (schedule, type of job, something) and somehow be more available to help our daughter and give time and attention to our son who is entering Kindergarten this year.

Can any parents share their experience with me and give me some advice about balancing work with providing the appropriate time needed to work with a child with learning disabilities? Thanks.

A Mom in LA who is concerned, nervous, and stressed

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Posted:Sep 21, 2011 12:53:02 PM

Welcome Mama In LA. balancing career and family is daunting with no other challenges, but throw in the mix helping a child with LDs and it gets much more complex.

In my own case, we tried several strategies and eventually settled on my going to part-time. in addition, we found it equally important to develop a support system and to make time for yourself and each other. We also hired a tutor for a time to help with some of the parent / child dynamic.

This previous thread had some excellent suggestions:

in addition, this thread may provide some additional options:


Here is a good article on how one parent met some of these challenges:


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Posted:Sep 21, 2011 1:16:50 PM

In addition, I heard Rick Lavoie speak on this topic, here is a link to the outline of his presentation:


I wish I had had this information when we started this journey.

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