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Meeting with school

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Posted Aug 24, 2011 at 12:07:08 PM
Subject: Meeting with school

I finally have a meeting set up with the school's "committee" that will decide if my HS daughter (17, adopted from Russia age 8) will finally be tested for language/speech issues. A year ago they denied testing saying she wasn't 2 years behind her peers. I have a report from the SLP who did some independent testing:

Listening Comprehension: Raw 61, Standard 68, Percentile 2
Oral Expressive: Raw 66, Standard 71, Percentile 6
Combined: Standard 71, Percentile 3

EOWPVT: Raw 100, Standard 78, Percentile 7

ROWPVT: Raw 123, Standard 89, Percentile 23

Therapist also mentioned she has issues with word retrieval such as naming another item in a category, describing the function instead of the name, or giving a general label. She did respond well to phonemic cueing.

My daughter is the most pleasent, hard working kid you could meet. She keeps her grades in the B-C range by getting every extra credit, HW, etc point possible. It's hard for me to watch her work so hard and the school not help her.

Any advice for the meeting. I am very nervous since last time all I got was a "sorry, we can't help you, your daughter isn't far enough behind". Are there specific tests I can/should request? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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