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Trying to understand the Woodcock-Johnson III scores

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Posted Sep 21, 2011 at 6:02:31 PM
Subject: Trying to understand the Woodcock-Johnson III scores

My daughter was given the Woodcock-Johnson III Test of Cognitive Abilities at the age of 9-6 for the purposes of the "gifted" program. Her scores are confusing and possibly worrisome:


GIA 93/122
Verbal 90/119
Thinking Ability 92/119
Cog Efficiency 80/113
Comp-Knowledge 90/119
LT Retrieval 99/133
Vis-Spatial Think 82/114
Auditory Process 42/97
Fluid Reasoning 93/122
Process Speed 98/132
Short-Term Mem 30/92

My question is why would the Auditory process and Short-Term memory be so low in comparison to the other scores? Her sound blending, numbers reversed, auditory attention, and memory for words are also low. Can/does this indicate an issue such as ADD or even possibly Dyslexia? I am concern that she may have a LD but is being overlooked. If this numbers seem odd/off, what steps should I take? Thanks!

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Posted:Sep 21, 2011 10:20:43 PM

There is such thing as dual exceptionalities or twice exceptional (2E). Here are two resources that may be of value:



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