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Posted Sep 22, 2011 at 8:58:26 AM
Subject: Reply to Trying to Understand Woodcock-Johnson III scores

For some reason I cannot "reply" to my post so ....

Thank you for the link. I had heard about the twice-exceptional issue but had not seen the article. Do these scores indicate there could be an undiagosed LD? I don't think the committee will be looking for that so I am not sure how to proceed. I am hesitate to use the school because I don't think they will see an issue. My daughter is a straight A student, organized, helpful, etc. so teachers don't see any issues. The only negative comment I get is here she needs to organize her thoughts better in speaking and writing. Her creative writing is wonderful but when she has to explain what she read she struggles.
In 1st grade she was well above grade level in her reading and was identified as gifted in that area. Since then (she is now in 4th) I have seen a drop in her reading -- to the point that she even regressed -- and reading comprehension. It bothered both my husband and I this change. When I bring it up to her teachers or the reading specialist, they tell me I am worry about nothing. She is still above or at grade level so I should not worry. If she does have a LD I don't want to wait until middle or high school to find that she is failing OR that is able to manage but never reach her full potential. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that many twice exceptional students don't qualify for special education services.

First, start by reading this article at LDonline:


Second, post her subtest scores here for additional feedback on the specific scores and on what areas might require additional investigation and for some practical suggestions:


In addition, this OCR letter may be of interest to you:




You know your daughter better than anyone, trust your instincts.

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