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okwdvc What do I do next?

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Posted Sep 28, 2011 at 7:27:57 AM
Subject: okwdvc What do I do next?

Hi LR,
Visual processing disorder, needs to be understood for what it actually is?
Our brain provides us with 3 primary thinking processes, called types of Working Memory.
Where we have Auditory, Visual and Spacial.

So that the Verbal Comprehension test, is a basically a test of Auditory thinking.
But with the Perceptual Reasoning test, it tests the combined use of Visual and Spacial thinking.
Where the problem with this, is that a low score doesn't identify whether the the problem is with Visual or Spacial? Or else the way that they work together?

But his fine & gross motor difficulties, indicate more of a Spacial thinking difficulty.
Where it is important to look at Visual and Spacial thinking separately. So that you can identify what is actually the problem?
As given that we only have these 3 different thinking tools. We really need to be clear about where the problem is? Not confuse a problem with one of them, as problem with both?
Then in terms of providing help and support?
Support for a Visual thinking difficulty, is different from a Spacial thinking difficulty.
Also Visual and Spacial thinking are not something that we are born with. But are rather something acquired through a developmental process.
Where most often the problem is located within the developmental process, and a delay at a certain stage?
So that where the delay has actually occurred, needs to be identified and understood.
So that a precise understanding of what can or can't be done with it, can be defined.
Recognising where the 'delay' has occurred, then provides an opportunity to reactivate development from that point?
Where the causative factor may be a functional disorder or a disruption in the process?
Though I'm involved in study and research into this, where I'm greatly concerned with these very general and vague tests.
Where the problem with the current Perceptual Reasoning test?
Is that it might not have considered that the person taking the test, happens to be Blind?
Or perhaps has a broken arm?
Where both would have low scores with Perceptual Reasoning.
The Perceptual Reasoning test scores, are just a symptom test. What it didn't identify, was that being Blind/ visual, or Broken arm/ spacial, was the underlying problem?

Though I'm involved in study and research into this area, where I am greatly concerned about this very vague diagnosis of a Perceptual Reasoning / Non Verbal Learning Disorder.
Where it really needs to be assessed within the Developmental Process.

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