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employment training for Ld adult

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Posted Oct 26, 2011 at 2:09:52 PM
Subject: employment training for Ld adult

My 35 yr old Ld son, in New York is very interested in digital imging and computer based job training. he has been able to get his Regents Hs diploma and even 22 college credits in music and computer based courses . What he is trying to do is to get into some kind of training towards employment , in digital imaging / office work , both of which are very hard to get jobs in.
The rare ones available need sponsorship by the state agency , which will not do so since he is working few hrs a week in a store . He desperately wants to be at a desk job , and I amtrying to find out if there is anyone who coaches such adults specifically for Digital imaging jobs . Mentime he is trying to get ofice experience by volunteering on his day off from teh store .

Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated .
indore 1 .

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