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i am trying to get into school

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Posted Nov 29, 2011 at 11:21:54 AM
Subject: i am trying to get into school

ok i am 32 and i have ld and right now i am going through voc rehab to try to get into school or i thought they would help me but i went and took the test and they said my scores were too low and i wanna go to school i always wanted and with the economy these days everyone is looking for someone with experience and some sort of college training and according to voc rehab i cant get into school because my scores were too low and in order to even get what i wanna get into u have know algerbra and i cant figure out how to do division right now and really about ready to give up cuz if i wanna do this i would have to learn everything i didnt learn in school all over again way back to 3rd grade.
cuz i was raised in special ed my whole life and they dont really teach u anything beyond elementry subjects.

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Posted:Jun 01, 2012 8:24:54 PM

Hi "Sweetgirl"

I feel your pain about going to school. I am in my late 30's and I also have an LD diagnosed/documented and yes in this economy it's HELL for all of us with/without disabilities.

First I need to ask, what are you going to school to study, what kind of career do you want? You didn't mention that in your post (or at least I didn't see it).

I do have a blog/facebook and twitter page. which I will post the links to the bottom of the page.

All I will say is be careful if you choose an online school. I chose The art institute of Pittsburg online, and I gave them upated sheet with my therapist verifying that I had an LD, although they did accept the form, they still want documentation. And the kicked me out of the school b/c I was having lots of trouble and couldn't get the assistance I want, now I have a loan and no education to show for it.

My advice to you 1st if you haven't done so already, get update test (as an adult) of your LD and you can get that for free for your State Vocation Rehab Dept. In NJ it's called Department of Vocational Rehab and get a copy of that test for yourself(really important) if you have trouble understanding the test results, take to your therapist/psychologis/physchiatrist if you have one, or take it to your medical doctor, and make sure they have their own copy. Once you've done that, whatever school you want to go to, go back to them and ask for the person who deals with student with disabilties and find out what kind of accomodations you will get - get it in writing!! Make your professors aware of your disability, and also let your vocational counselor know that you are trying to go to school, let me know what they told you the first time, that your grades were to low (by the way which grades are you speaking of, high/grammar school).

If you get in to the school of your choice, keep every single email, document, acceptance, letter just in case there is an issue.

Check out my blogs,facebook/twitter to connect with other adults with LD.

My email is adultswithld@gmail.com - if you want to contact me, and I can try and help. I'm still trying to get in to school myself. What state are you in? I am in NJ.

Good Luck!

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