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Nonverbal Learning Disorder

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Posted Jan 06, 2012 at 8:42:01 AM
Subject: Nonverbal Learning Disorder

My daughter was diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disorder NLD in third grade. She has gone through two years of accommodations in reading. She reads well, she just doesn't comprehend. They have been making her read 10 pages per night and come up with the main idea for every two pages for 2 years now. There has been little to no improvement. Does anyone know another way to help a child learn to comprehend that works?

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Posted:Jan 08, 2012 6:07:14 AM

Hi Jewels,
One of the most helpful things for NLD, is called 'Mind-Mapping'.
Where it provides a visual way of organizing thoughts/ ideas, so that it can then be seen how it all fits together.
As well as where to add new things.
Where it will also help you to understand her difficulties with comprehension, despite reading well.

The crucial thing that NLD effects, is 'non-linear' thinking?
Where perhaps you might consider the difference between remembering and comprehending?
Remembering uses 'linear' thinking', as we remember a list of things.
But comprehension, is 'non-linear' where we work out how it fits together.
So that what mind mapping provides, is a non-linear way of thinking. In a visual form.
Also importantly, a non-linear way of planning.

Here's a link to a Wiki introduction mind mapping.
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