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Homework or planner app?

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Posted Jan 11, 2012 at 2:08:30 PM
Subject: Homework or planner app?

I'm looking for a homework/planner app for an ipod touch that would help my high-school daughter keep track of her homework. We've been using some old software that is ok but really old (will probably crash one of these days).

I want an app that will:

* organize homework by class
* let us give a due date and then will automatically put assignments in order
* gives us a variety of formats (calendar vs. list, for example)
* connects to something online or on our desktop, where it's easier to enter info than on an ipod touch.
* allows us to print up a hard copy of her homework list.
* easy to use.

It would also be nice if we could break down homework assignments. For example, she has a history paper due on April 1st. Between now & then, she has deadlines for her paper outline, a reference list, and two different drafts. This isn't essential - we can make do, but it would be nice.

The software we using now is from an old PDA, which doesn't work anymore, so we only use it on the desktop. However at some point I'd like to transition her to an ipod touch.

Any ideas?

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Posted:Jan 12, 2012 6:55:51 AM

Hi DebW,
I would like to suggest using some 'mind-mapping' software?
Though an essential thing about 'mind-mapping', is that it provides a variety of formats.
But a crucial element, is to explore different ways of organizing information?
Where the basic difference is between a linear and non-linear approach?
A linear model method is fine for a series of things that simply go from one thing to next. Where we can simply make a list.
While this provides a guide to arrive at a conclusion.
It doesn't show how it all fits together?
A non-linear method, instead of starting at the top, and going in descending order?
Starts from the center, and organizes everything around the center.
Where it provides a visual way of organizing.
So that we can 'see how it all fits together'.
So that we have an overview.
I'll add a link to where you can download a free mind -mapping program. Yet their are other free ones available.
But I would highlight, is using it to explore and understand a variety of formats.
So that instead of using an 'app' that only does things in one way?
That you know how to use the basic tools to create your own organizing plan, to suit what you want it to do.

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