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rages in my 7 year old

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Posted Jan 16, 2012 at 9:27:59 AM
Subject: rages in my 7 year old

Just wandering if anyone has encountered the following.... my daughter who has dyslexia suffers from huge 2 hour rages, shouting, screaming saying she is stupid, an idiot, that we don't love her, and that she hates herself, there seems to be no trigger for these rages and they seem to only happen at home, (at school she is fantastically well behaved) they can happen any time of day but seem to be worse at night (obviously when she is tired) but she says she cannot turn her brain off!!! The other thing she doesn't like is the way things feel on her skin if a top doesn't feel right she goes mad. I do not know if this is normal due to her feeling so frustrated or there is more to it, it is driving us all crazy including my poor daughter who cannot cope with this at all, any suggestions/thoughts, would be gratefully received.

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Posted:Jan 17, 2012 1:41:18 AM

Hi Mopser,
For children with any LD, school can be very frustrating for them, as they see other children doing things easily, that they have to work so hard at.
But they often bottle up the frustration at school, where as you say, at school she is fantastically well behaved. So she lets of the frustration at home, where she feels safe to do that.
But an important thing about frustration, is that we actually have to learns ways to release our frustration. As it can cause more problems, if she simply bottles it up.

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Posted:Apr 06, 2012 10:29:55 AM

Just wondering if she also has ADHD. Some meds have side effects; they might not even appear until the medication wears off each day. I have an ADHD grandson who is 7, and he had some trouble for a while with a certain medication. He would become hostile and angry in the afternoon when he got home from school. Since that time he has had his medication changed and seems to be doing much better. He takes one thing that lasts through the school day, then on days when he has homework, he takes a short-acting med that wears off by bedtime.

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