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looking for a Lindamood Bell tutor in Lancaster County PA?

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Posted Feb 03, 2012 at 8:07:57 AM
Subject: looking for a Lindamood Bell tutor in Lancaster County PA?

I live in lancaster county pa. My son is 11 and has apraxia, ADHD and learning disabilities in reading, writing and math. We went to a LMB center almost 2 years ago and were successful in the area of reading. He is still not on grade level but doing better. Now we see drastic lags in math and I believe he needs the same visual program to learn math that he got for reading. The closest center is an hour from us and his schedule is already so packed. The school uses Seeing Stars and V&V with him in school daily now. I am asking them to buy On Cloud Nice Math as well. I know its not a complete program, but could be a great supplement to the program they are using, which is SRA Connecting Math Concepts. He did not start reading at all till we got rid of the SRA Reading Mastery Plus and i,implemented LMB programs, so I know he can learn that way.
I am looking for someone familiar or trained in these programs to call about after school help?? Any suggestions?
Thank you
Feel free to email me at itschrissy@frontiernet.net

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