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Posted Apr 14, 2012 at 4:14:27 PM
Subject: IEP for Jr. High

My daughter has Nonverbal Learning Disorder and is going into Jr. High next year. I have been told as she gets older, she will become lost. I took her back to her neuro-phycologist and had her tested again before her latest IEP and paid for it. He wrote the school in a letter that accommodations should be awarded to my daughter for the possibility of getting lost next year. I think the school thinks I made this up.

Needless to say, I just attended her IEP for Jr. High and she has not been awarded any accommodations for this, nor for opening a locker combination. While I am not sure these problems will arise, if you read the information about Nonverbal Learning Disorder all these things are mentioned about it. I feel my rights and my daughter's rights have been violated. I don't think they will do anything extra for my daughter until they actually see her get lost. I feel if this happens, she may get herself so upset over it that she may not want to go to school at all. Somehow I don't think this is fair.

Do I have any ground to stand on with this? Call me that overprotective mother, I just think it is totally possible as I have asked her if she ever gets lost in elementary school. Her answer, "Ya Mom sometimes, I just follow the other kids because they know where they are going." My daughter has learned how to accommodate for this now but next year all the kids will be going different ways.
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Posted:Apr 16, 2012 1:30:43 AM

With locker issue, we used buddy system. Friend, who had locker near our child, was more than willing to help with combination -- until that skill was able to be mastered.

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