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polly3k help me someone

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Posted May 10, 2012 at 3:47:32 PM
Subject: polly3k help me someone

Hello Everyone

I used to go by the name of Polly3k and since I have not been to this site in so long, I had to make some changes. I think I once posted that two on my children boys were coded 04 speech and language, and my daughter 08 other health impairments. Ok, my problem is that while I have seen improvements, my children still struggle, and are having a hard time. My eldest is in college and he continues to struggle, my younger son also still struggles, and he is in his first year. The thing is just before graduation the highschool dismiss from services??? Do I fight it? yes I make the attempt but lose. I do not want to fight anymore. I have fought with the schools for years and made some enemies just by advocating. Ok here we are right now and my daughter is code 08 and about to graduate. I view all these glorified statements in her IEP but no legitimate proof, that I feel is enough for me. The chair said well " this does not match her coding if she is to remain in services, ,.... you know the spill and what I knew was coming". Well I expected just that statement that his how it began and my boys were removed from servies before post secondary education. I cant keep up any longer. My health is failing. I am exhausted with all the years I put in with reteaching, working away at home for years. My youngest son was required to take a placement test, before college that he failed, and will take remedial. My point is this is my last child to graduate. It would not make sense for me to do as I did in he past and allow servives to be dismissed. My eldest had to fight to get accomadations after the fact adn still they were limited supports for college. Can someone please tell me how can I support my daughter. She is coded 08, that is not somthing that we just toss out. Thanks for your time.

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