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5 1/2 yr old boy with LD rudeness

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Posted May 29, 2012 at 4:13:04 PM
Subject: 5 1/2 yr old boy with LD rudeness

I am new to this site & forum. I am hoping to find other parents of young dyslexic children that can help with 1) how to teach manners to a child that is incredibly rude & screams at people when they speak to him & 2) how other parents cope with the stresses of dealing with a child with dyslexia. I am so tired & worn out, the running from OT to Speech therapy to a new LD tutor is wearing me down. My son is outrageously smart & manages to talk circles around me when trying to discipline him or educate him in being polite. Please help.

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Posted:May 30, 2012 5:40:25 AM

Hi Michele and welcome to the forum,

One thing that I would ask about, is his empathy and ability to put himself in the other persons position?
A major thing behind behaviour and manners, is what is called a 'mirror process'?
Where we experience our behaviour from the position of the other person.
For example, if you were rude and screamed at your son, you would probably have a sense of how he would feel.
Where this is what really moderates our behaviour.
So that we rather learn manners from how we would like to be treated ourselves.
Where I would imagine that he doesn't like it when someone is rude and screams at him?

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