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Please Help me Getting MCKay scholarship back

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Posted May 31, 2012 at 7:24:47 PM
Subject: Please Help me Getting MCKay scholarship back

Last summer we applied for the McKay scholarship utilizing the 1505 Bill that passed. My son went to Public school in the 2009 school year then in 2010 we went to a private school on the VPK program. We had an awful experience at the public school so I opted not to send him back to public school. Someone told me that my son can get a scholarship if I fill out some paperwork and show that he has an IEP. I did that last summer. We got the scholarship (253 Matrix) and we looked at the schools in our area. The schools did an assessment test on my son and they all said no he needs a very small classroom setting. So that I did not loose the scholarship I enrolled him on August in a school that was 1 hour away from me.

I had no choice left but to either drive 2 hours a day every day M-F or put him in public school. So I enrolled him in public school. That was the worse mistake I could make. Not only did I loose my McKay scholarship since I withdrew him after being in that school for 2 months but my son was verbally abused by his teacher. DCF came to question my 5yr old son and went to the school to question the teacher. I withdrew him out of that school right away. My main concern was his safety.

I homeschooled him until January and enrolled him in a private PreK school. Now I found out that the school I want to bring my son to (private school) accepts McKay (they didn't last year). My only option is to try to get the McKay back (which is nearly impossible) or to try to get a psychological transfer to a different public school.

I have spoken to Soooo many different at OCPS and Fl school choice. Can anyone please help that knows if it is possible to get the McKay scholarship back or what to write on a psychological transfer? Please help. Thanks.

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