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Does a parent have to agree to all tests the school wants?

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Posted Jun 01, 2012 at 6:58:50 PM
Subject: Does a parent have to agree to all tests the school wants?

My child has autism, OCD, APD, SID and is other health impaired. However, with our interventions the child has gone from severe to high functioning and from non-verbal to very verbal. I cannot talk particulars but can say we settled our differences with our district for a set period of time and then per agreement we were to go back to ARD and discuss the possibility of continued private placement. They have done nothing but be nasty, putting up road blocks. At first, they wouldn't even grant us an ARD at all. We had an FIE done that shows our child made a good three years academic progress in a year and a half in the private placement. They said they wouldn't accept the evaluation because there were misspellings. Then they said they wouldn't test her (FIE) and offer an IEP unless we consent to an IQ test first. Children with autism do not do well on IQ tests. They only have three possible placements, one of which is self-contained. None of these placements are appropriate, given her disabilities and her health impairments. She has flourished in the private placement and has been healthier than she ever has been before. Do we have to grant consent for an IQ test? They will use this to say she is ID and belongs in the self-contained. She will make little if any progress there. I asked for a list of the tests they want to give so I could look into them and be prepared for the next meeting. they refused to tell me the tests until in the meeting. I thought I had a right to be informed and to have meaningful participation. How can I do this if I learn the topics of discussion on the day of?

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