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I am offering free tutoring materials for the parents or tutors of young dyslexics and late bloomers (some of whom are also ADD). These materials come as e-mail attachments and have to be printed and cut. My website is www.mnemonicpictures.com. I am an Orton-Gillingham tutor who has added mnemonic pictures and color-coded vowels to the classic Gillingham techniques (also numerous vowel and word games and 152 syllabication games). These materials include letter games for beginners with the letters turned into familiar nouns (like C turned into a cat) to ease the way for dyslexics who have so much trouble memorizing abstract symbols. (See Ehri et al: Pictorial Mnemonics for Phonics for research on the subject.) Also spelling packets for beginners who can't yet sound out three-letter words. (See research by Ball and Blachman.) The packets have miniature versions of the picture-letters.
Also rewritten fairy stories, thorough manuals, and multiplication picture-rhymes.
Ann C. Turner

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