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Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

how to tell child about Asperger's diagnosis ??

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Posted Aug 22, 2012 at 2:08:24 PM
Subject: how to tell child about Asperger's diagnosis ??

Greetings -

I'm the father of a very bright, witty & loving young man (entering grade 11) who also happens to have ADHD and Asperger's diagnoses. We (he & I) knew/know about the ADHD, but the latter is a new diagnosis. My boy has many of the associated organizational (read: executive function) & social interaction issues associated with Asperger's.

He's at the very high end of the spectrum, but is most definitely on the spectrum. The sooner that we're able to help make him more self-aware (without destroying his spirit), the sooner we'll be able to put more appropriate beneficial supports into place (e.g. - social pragmatics counselling).

I'd welcome hearing from other parents about successful (or unsuccessful) ways that they raised this topic with their own children.

Thanks kindly,

- Richard
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