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FREE Maths website & teaching tools ideal for pupils with LD

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Posted Sep 18, 2012 at 11:27:52 AM
Subject: FREE Maths website & teaching tools ideal for pupils with LD

Hi everyone I have an interesting Maths website that i am working on, http://www.12xtables.co.uk it is full of interactive worksheets that are differntiated across three levels of learning so pupils can progress as they learn.
Each worksheet generates random sets of questions each time it is reset, the whole concept is being developed for use by the Maths department in a Middle School in Bedfordshire, where there are pupils of mixed abilities including tendencies of Autism and Dyscalculia, the worksheets are Interactive Whiteboard friendly so can be used directly in a classroom or at home free of charge, we raise money from sponsered advertising on the website.
We are currently in the process of launching an innovative range of Maths education manipulatives that we have developed over the last year or so, which will open up the world of Maths to pupils who suffer from learning difficulties with Maths as well as pupils of average ability. They are hands on multi-sensory teaching tools that get the pupils to engage with the Maths. These will be available through our website along with the all new online version, for use by teachers at the front of the class

For further information please contact us
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