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SpEd Teachers Not Present at IEP - makes inapprop. comments

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Posted Oct 04, 2012 at 6:19:29 PM
Subject: SpEd Teachers Not Present at IEP - makes inapprop. comments

I recently moved to a better school district neighborhood so that my 16 yr old could go to a school with a kinder soul and better spec. ed program. Well turns out that this school ships its LD or physically disabled studenst to other school districts even though the have a special education program. At our initial IEP meeting on 9/25/12, none of his special education teachers were present. I later realized that it was because the focus of the meeting from the school's IEP team was to convince me that my son doesn't belong in that school b/c they can't modify the current program to meet his needs. isn't that the purpose of an IEP? Even though none of his spec. ed teachers bothered with the initial IEP, his life science teacher on numerous occasions has said to my son "tell you mom that you need to go to another school." Can she do that - talk to him about the IEP and results when neither my son nor the teacher were present at the IEP meeting? Her comments are making him feel like he doesn't belong at that school. Sad thing is that this is one of his favorite teachers and classes.

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as a mom of a special needs childs I have knowledge at what is suppose to happan at a CSE (committe ofSpecial Education Meetings) for a good IEP...Special Ed, Reg Teachers should all be there when there are making up the IEP...It is a legal document (go to IDEA website to see your rights...NEVER.. ever sign the IEP after a meeting...JUST take it home look it over when you are not surrounded by the school CSE team...You need to really read to make sure all the services are there,,,LOOK FOR A SPECIAL ED ADVOCATE...that can help you...If you dont like what is written make another CSE appt...YOUR THE MOM..YOU KNOW WHATS BEST!!!Good kuck email me anytime!!!

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