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Posted Oct 11, 2012 at 4:10:21 PM
Subject: IEPs for Parents


I am a graduate student in Maine. I am studying to become a teacher. As part of a course on exceptional learners, I have an assignment to interview parents, students, and teachers about the IEP process. I would appreciate any insight people could give me by answering these 5 questions. Thanks for your help!

1. What has been your involvement with IEP meetings? How long have you
been involved with IEP meetings?

2. How many others are involved with the IEP meetings you attend? What
are their respective roles in the child’s plan?

3. Is it usually clear which goals should be set in the IEP?

4. Does the IEP team generally agree on ideas that should be implemented
for the IEP? How are disagreements resolved?

5. Do you feel that the IEP goals and their implementation are effective
for the student? Do you see improvements?

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