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Do I have some form of LD?

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Posted Oct 22, 2012 at 8:03:42 PM
Subject: Do I have some form of LD?

I've been having a lot of trouble writing, I keep putting letters out of order, typically i just mix up the first two letters in a word. For example, the word example would come out xeample when I write. Its very frustrating, and causes a lot of problems particularly in math because its not immediacy clear i have written the numbers in reverse.

I'm almost 22.

I have always been able to read very well, and through school was typically several grades ahead in 'reading level'.

I do not remember ever having this problem k-12, it seems to have developed the last couple of years.

I tried to do some research on writing disabilities but I didn't seem to find much that described this right. Does this sound like a form of any type of LD to anyone? Is this someone I should see someone about? Who do I even go to see someone about this?

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

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Posted:Nov 07, 2012 12:39:49 AM

Sorry I am writing this so long after your post, but I am new here and I am catching up :-).

I have the same problem of transposing letters, or sometimes i will mix the letters up from one word to the next. It happens more when i type, for example 'hte' instead of 'the.' Or sometimes instead of typing the words, 'and speed' it might come out 'ans peed.' I wondered why this happened. It was so aggravating! I am a teacher and was planning a keyboarding course for a young woman. She will be copying passages from a text and I wanted to find out what a reasonably good speed would be, so I typed a passage myself. I deliberately kept a rhythm and speed a little slower than my normal pace. Poof all the transpositions went away! so I think my transpositions are just due to my thinking faster than my fingers can go. Maybe you should try writing just a little bit slower.

I can think of many possible reasons why you might have a problem writing, from neurological changes to TBI to substance use, to fatigue and stress. A disability would have a major impact on your life. It would prevent you from accessing services and programs. It would prevent your success. Does your problem writing affect you in this way?

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Michael Hart, Ph.D.
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Posted:Nov 08, 2012 2:47:59 PM

Hi...I agree with TomW...What you're experiencing could be caused by any number of factors.

In terms of the label, LD...I caution people to stay away from that since it is so pejorative...I know you need to use the label for certain accommodations in a school setting. But I find it much more empowering and effective to think about your issues in terms of how your brain is wired and what is happening in your environment at the moment.

I will tell you that, as a learning differences expert, I have not seen a case where someone has a strong academic history and then develops a writing problem in their early twenties like you're describing...You may not be able to take a battery of tests that traditionally would label you LD per se...The tests used may not be sensitive enough to pick up what is going on.

I would recommend three things:

1. Engage a highly-regarded tutor in your area that can help you develop strategies directly related to your transposing issue--your switching the order of your letters, numbers. As TomW said, it may be fatigue, stress, etc.
2. Get a thorough physical from your doctor. Just as a precaution and a baseline if this issue continues or worsens. Be sure to discuss any changes in your stress levels, physical health, major changes in your life...etc.
3. Have you had your vision checked? This may sound goofy but the point is that you really should rule out any obvious physical issues.

Keep me posted at doctormichaelhart@gmail.com. I also have other information on my blog at www.doctormichaelhart.com. Good luck.

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