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central auditory processing dissorder

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Posted Oct 24, 2012 at 3:40:10 PM
Subject: central auditory processing dissorder

Hi i haven't been on for a long time, i used to always come on here when my 10yr old was younger.

When Mel was 6 she couldn't read or write, when she was 7 still couldn't read or write, 8 she learnt but was obviously very behind by this point they then gave her an iep she is now 10 still on iep. I still think she has dyslexia as well as dyscalcula as she is worse with numbers than letters.

Anyway at one point i thought i had dyslexia although can read and spell i do a lot of other stuff like get my words back to front a lot but then i started looking into it and i think i have got central auditory processing disorder all these years i thought i was thick because i couldn't answer questions that were said as by the time i have processed it someone already answered it but yet on paper i am brighter and i struggle to hear people but yet my ears are fine people think i am deaf but i now realise it isn't becuase i haven't heard them it takes a while for my brain to interpret it and i say eh inbetween to compensate for delay. I now think Mel may have this as she is very similar to me when younger apart from she does have difficulty in her numbers and letters so there is another issue there too but obviously schools won't pay over here for testing but still treat her as they would anyway the only way is college they do testing there so she will have to wait. Also back ground noise is a major issue and also more than 1 lot of instructions and worse under stress, when i was reading the list i was like that is me down to a tee all my kids have issues with listening and speech which is another tell tale sign all our speech have been delayed. Can't beleive it taken me this long to realise i knew something was different but wasn't sure i thought it might be a form of dyslexia but the list is just me.

Anyway sorry for babbling but i am not bothered for getting tested as i now realise i am unique make people laugh with the daft stuff that comes out of my mouth especially when i misheard people but i laugh with them now. But wondering if there is any official test for my children as obviously it did take my self esteem when growing up as i thought i was thick i now know i aren't it is just that i struggle with listening and speech. Cheers Sharon x

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Posted:Oct 25, 2012 6:20:27 AM

Hi Sharon,
Tests are done by an audiologist, but it needs to one that knows how to test for APD. Auditory processing is a complex process, so that their can be various difficulties.
Where it's not enough to just diagnose APD, but also to know what the specific difficulty is.
You mentioned in your other post that you are in the UK.
Where the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children has the only official clinic for APD in the UK.
Where you can get an assessment under the NHS, probably with just a referral from your GP.

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