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Resources for possible NVLD adult

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Posted Nov 20, 2012 at 12:33:45 AM
Subject: Resources for possible NVLD adult

Hello, I'm a 33 yo male. I was tested for LDs in 2002 for grad school. I never fully read the report I needed it to get extra time on tests like I had in undergraduate. Yesterday I cam across it and I was sorta floored. When I was a kid I had a 114 IQ, my verbal was 16 points higher than my performance (VIQ 120, PIQ104). In 02 my VIQ was 123 and my PIQ was 99. They could not determine a full IQ from that because of the 24 point dispersion it would not be meaningful.

When I did basic research I found a correlation between having a sig higher VIQ was common to people with NVLD. I'd never heard of that before. In reading about it, share some of those traits. My diagnosis from the 2002 report was Reading Disorder, Writing Disorder, and Math disorder. I presume it is dyslexia, and dyscalculia. Then later ADHD Inattentive. It feels like I've found a missing piece. But I'm not sure how I verify any of this. I feel ashamed of all of this. I don't have AS, and I'm not even sure I have NVLD, butReading a lot of the symptom describes me to the letter.

And I don't know really what to do. Most resources seem to be for parents of children.

Any ideas?

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Posted:Nov 25, 2012 3:04:40 AM

Check out this link and see if it helps:


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