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I am unable to find a job

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Posted Feb 17, 2013 at 8:40:29 PM
Subject: I am unable to find a job

I have a learning disability, and it is difficulty finding a job or keeping one. I have tried many jobs and didn't last long due to my disability. I am slow and often need things need things explained. Many employers don't understand this. I have gaps in my résumé, and that is why I have difficulty finding employment. I even volunteered, and still no luck. I even went through employment agency for individuals with disability, I still have no luck also. I find it frustrating because I want to work like everyone else, but I am not given a chance. Employers want someone who is fast or good in Math. I worry because I am in my 30s and still live at home with my parents, and nobody wants to give me a chance. I worry what will happen to me when my parents are gone. How will I survive on my own if I have no job. I get money from the government, but I hope to get a job so I won't need their help. Does anyone have suggestions what to do?

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Posted:Feb 18, 2013 5:54:37 AM

Hi Mary,
It's not enough to hope that an employer will understand your learning disability?
What you need to explain to them, is ways that you use to cope.
Where you can probably do math when using a calculator.
Just about every job involves some math?
Which makes it difficult for an employer, if you can't do any math?
But if you explain to them that you have a math disability, but that you can do math with a calculator.
So that the employer knows that they can still give you work that involves some math, but that you will do the math your own way.

Also with your need to have things explained?
People with a math disability, often have a difficulty with remembering the order of things explained?
But a solution for this, is to take notes, to use as a reference.

So that my point is, that while you can tell an employer that you have learning disabilities that cause a difficulty with doing certain things.
What is more important, is to explain to them the strategies that you use, so that they aren't a difficulty. So that you can then do the job.
So that they understand why you do these things in a different way.

Where the most important thing, is that in the workplace, that you feel free to do things in your own way, and not have to hide that you can't do mental math.
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