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47 point difference on WISC-IV?

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Posted Feb 20, 2013 at 8:17:58 PM
Subject: 47 point difference on WISC-IV?

Does anyone have any insight on what to do with/about a 47 point difference on a WISC-IV between the general ability index and the cognitive proficiency index? I have the scores from my son's testing on the WISC-IV, but not the full writeup with explaination or suggestions. Verbal comprehension was the highest and processing speed was the lowest.


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Posted:Feb 21, 2013 9:44:41 AM

Hi Valwin and welcome here,

We have 3 ways of thinking and processing information, which are auditory, visual and spatial.
Where Verbal Comprehension is primarily a test of Auditory thinking/ processing.
Then we have Perceptual Reasoning, which is a combined test of Visual and Spatial thinking/ processing.

So given his high Verbal Comprehension scores, it can be concluded that his difficulty is with Perceptual Reasoning.
But as a combined test of Visual and Spatial processing? These need to be looked at separately, as more often the difficulty is with one of them, not with both?
Though difficulties with Spatial processing have a greater effect on 'processing speed'?
Where Spatial processing is what we use to order and organize our thinking.
So that if we have a difficulty with ordering and organizing our thoughts? Then this will of course effect our processing speed.
So the question is whether he has a difficulty with Spatial processing? Which you would probably already observed?

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