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Help understanding results for IEP meeting tommorow

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Posted Feb 21, 2013 at 3:09:07 PM
Subject: Help understanding results for IEP meeting tommorow

I am looking for help interpreting my DS9 school Evaluation score. We have a meeting tomorrow with his team to determine if he is in need of an IEP. DS has been having some behavioral issues in the classroom, so we recently had a private evaluation done. It was determine that he is mildly affect with Asperger's and also has ADHD. We also asked the school to do a evaluation since he claims to be bored in class and has great difficulty with handwriting.
I just got back from a pre-meeting with the school psychologist. The psychologist said his results do not reflect a LD. To me it looks like there is a lot a variance in his score, he score highly on some items and much lower on other. But still within the normal range. To me it seems that his processing speed was relatively slow across the board.I am very new to understanding all of this. Just looking for others opinions. Thanks!

(I listed scores SS/PERCENTILE)

Woodcock Johnson III –COG

GIA 125/95
Verbal Ability 117/88
Thinking Ability 132/98
Cognitive Efficacy 96/39
Long Term Retrieval 109/73
Processing Speed 98/46
Phonemic Awareness 132/98
Working Memory 107/88
Cognitive Fluency 90/25
Delayed Recall 113/80

Verbal Comprehension 117/88
Visual-Auditory Learning 109 /73
Spatial Relations 95/36
Sound Blending 133/99
Concept Formation 140/99.6
Visual Matching 99/47
Numbers Reserved 95/37
Incomplete Words 113/81
Auditory Working Memory
Visual Auditory Learning delayed 122/93
Retrieval Fluency 107/89
Decision Speed 103/59
Rapid Picture Naming 86/17

Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement

Broad Reading 108/71
Broad Math 121/92
Broad Written Language 113/80
Oral Language (ext) 118/88
Oral Expression 124/95
Listening Comprehension 106/70

Letter-word Identification 113/81
Reading Fluency 96/40
Story Recall 130/98
Understanding Directions 93/33
Calculation 124/94
Math Fluency 89/23
Spelling 99/46
Writing Fluency 115/85
Passage Comprehension 108/85
Applied Problems 120/91
Writing samples 121/92
Story recall Delayed 117/87
Picture Vocabulary 117/87
Oral Comprehension 116/86

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