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Any advice please regarding our Ed Psych report

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Posted Mar 25, 2013 at 7:49:51 AM
Subject: Any advice please regarding our Ed Psych report

Hi all I'm just wondering if anyone could help me with the interpretation of this report and whether there is anything in it that looks like a concern or is she simply a slow learner. We have a meeting coming up but I'm searching high and low on the net for help to interpret the report so I know what I'm talking about when I go to the meeting.

My daughter is almost 7 and did the BAS ii and BAS iii tests

Her results

Recognition of designs...T-score 54, percentile 66th (Average)

Word Definitions...T-score 35, percentile 7th (Low)

Pattern construction...T-score 51, percentile 54th (Average)

Matrices...T-score 43, percentile 24th (Average)

Verbal similarities...T-score 45, percentile 31st (Average)

Quantitative reasoning...T-score 31, percentile 3rd (Low)

Cluster scores

Verbal...SS 83, percentile 13th (Below Average)

Non Verbal...SS 77 percentile 6th (Low)

Spatial... SS 105, percentile 63rd (Average)

Special Non Verbal...SS 89 percentile 23rd (Below average)

GCA... SS 85, percentile 16th (Below average)

Achievement scores

Number Skills... SS 82, percentile 12th (below average) Age equivalent 5 yr 10m

Spelling...SS 90 percentile 25th (Average) 6yr 4m

Word reading...SS 86 percentile 18th (Below average) 5yr 10m

Many thanks for any thoughts of the report.

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