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Testing Confusion with WJ-III, Weschler and Kaufman

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Posted Apr 05, 2013 at 10:45:31 PM
Subject: Testing Confusion with WJ-III, Weschler and Kaufman

My adopted daughter is currently 7.10 and in 2nd grade. I believe that she has processing problems and some kind of LD. I am having a hard time finding anyone at the school who agrees with me. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and RAD. She has had a neuropsych eval which did agree with me regarding the LD and processing issues, which is why I took her to get tested. Both last year and this year, I have requested that she be tested for an IEP because she has so many behavioral issues at school, gets very frustrated while doing school work and does not feel like she understands what's going on. Both years she took the WJ-III ACH, her SS made sense, but not the GE.

test 1stSS; 1stGE; 2nd SS; 2ndGE
Letter Word ID _____;_____;113;3.6
Math Applied 106;1.6;115;3.6
Spelling _____;_____;106; 2.9
Calculation 105; 1.7; 99; 2.3
Reading Comp 99; 1.5; 111; 3.9
Reading Fluency _____;_____;118; 4.4
Word Attack _____;_____;115; 4.9
Basic Reading 109; 2.1; 115; 4.0
Picture Vocab 93; K6; 96; 1.9
Acad Know 102; 1.7; 123; 4.8
Written Exp 100; 1.5

I have researched the test, scoring and variables and still can not figure out how her scores can be so similar and yet the psychologist has her grade levels far above where she's at. Her grades in school are low to average. I also don't understand how she was tested using different subtests instead of the same subtests. Also, since I have specifically told the officials that we believe she has a processing problem, why are they giving her an achievement test which is subject to the tester's interpretation of her level of difficulty on the problems?

She did have regular IQ tests.
Verbal 106
Perceptual Reasoning 108
Working Memory 123
Processing speed 97
Full Scale 111

2nd KBIT-2
Verbal IQ 100
Nonverbal 108
IQ Composite 105

Does anyone have any ideas regarding the huge differences in the GE or why she wasn't given the same tests? Also, what should I think about the overall IQ tests? I'm tempted to ask the psychologist to redo the testing exactly the way it was done in 1st grade so that I'll have something tangible to work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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