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Measuring improvement/medication

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Posted Apr 19, 2013 at 5:23:19 PM
Subject: Measuring improvement/medication

My 6 year old daughter in Kindergarten was diagnosed with ADHD-C in January as well as expressive/receptive language disorder. This week we started 5mg of Adderall ER. School vaca this week so we are able to first hand monitor for changes/side effects.
1. She goes back to school Monday. Does anyone have a good 'chart' template that we can give her teacher to help track her behavior? Am I overly optimistic that her teacher will even do this?
2. At what point - given all the firsthand experience here - do you consider dosage adjustment? Is 6 days enough if you only see mild improvement? Eating well, still having some tantrums/crying even if timer set/expectations set, moving from topic to topic when conversing but is less bossy towards younger sister.

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