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new here and have questions!

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Posted May 23, 2013 at 12:11:51 PM
Subject: new here and have questions!

Hi everyone! I am new here .. My son has been having problems all year in writing and math. The teachers have said he just doesn’t want to do it and labeled him as difficult. He is in 4th grade and reading way above his grade level. I felt it wasn’t that he didn’t want to .. there was something wrong, he is a people pleaser and I knew he would not be choosing to get in trouble and he was always so upset and stressed. I took him to be tested by an independent testing center and one of the tests is the Kaufman Assessment Battery II and Wechsler Individual Assessment III.

I don’t really understand some of the scores and want to know what I am talking about at the meeting at his school I am requesting.

Sequential Processing SS 91 %27
Simultaneous Processing SS 108 %70
Learning SS 108 %70
Knowledge SS 104 &106
Planning SS 111 %77

The other results said Achievement Levels – I’m assuming this is the Wechsler?
Numerical Operations SS 74 %4
Math Reasoning SS 90 %25
Word Reading SS 100 %50
Reading Comprehension SS 131 %98
Oral Reading Fluency SS 97 %42
Spelling SS87 %19
Sentence Completion SS76 %5
Essay Composition SS73 %4
Listening Comprehension SS118 %88

What does the SS and the % mean. She says he has dysgraphia and he can hear it and see it but just cant get the information out in written output.


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Posted:May 24, 2013 10:37:50 AM

Hi Momoftwo and welcome here,

These results can be confusing?
But basically how they work, is that half of all people doing the tests, will score 100. So this where we get the 50%.
Where this is used as the 'average'.
So above 50% is above average, and below 50% is below average.
Where your son has quite a few above average scores.
Particularly with comprehension.

But of concern, are the below average scores?
Where the common factor behind them, is Spacial processing and thinking?
Which is no doubt related to the Dysgraphia that she says that he has.
But we actually concieve of numbers with spacial thinking.
Where we concieve of different sized quantities with spacial thinking, and then associate numbers with different spacial quantities. So given that he has problems with math, it is quite possible that he thinks of numbers in the same as way as letters?
So 2+3=5, might make as much sense as B+C=E ?

Though spacial thinking is also how we concieve of sequences.
Where things are spacially organized in a sequence.

But spacial thinking is also critical for planning, where we use it to organize our thoughts.
Which is no doubt related to his difficulty with 'Essay Composition'? Where he no doubt has plenty to write about, but has a difficulty with organizing and ordering his thoughts, to write them down as an essay?
Yet the effect of Dysgraphia also needs to recognised, and how it disrupts 'automaticity' when writing?
To understand this, perhaps you could try writing a sentence?
But instead, use your 'other hand', such as your left hand if you are right handed.
Where as you write the first word, you'll appreciate the conscious effort involved? How it could cause you to make spelling mistakes?
Also how it makes it difficult to keep track of where you are up to, as write a sentence. Let alone a paragraph or an essay?

So that when she said that 'he can hear it and see it, but just can't get the information out in written output'.
I would highlight the distinction between 'reception and expression'? Where your son has exceptional reception, as demonstrated in his comprehension.
Where his difficulties are with organizing and expressing his thinking in writing.
Which could be highlighted at the school meeting?

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Posted:Jun 07, 2013 11:43:04 PM

Welcome momoftwo to LDOnline Forum!

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