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504. with death inthe family..FAILED FINAL EXAMS HELP

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Posted Jun 20, 2013 at 8:58:02 AM
Subject: 504. with death inthe family..FAILED FINAL EXAMS HELP

My son now 16.
He lost his IEP in middle school and has struggled ever since. Now in the 10 grade just got a 504. Only after a life altering event in Dec 2012.
He has had ADHD and now major depression. After many calls and Therpist later. In March of 2013 his grandfather came home to pass. Mid-March I can say he is just going thru the motions. At home and school.
I have done every angel with his actions. I'm at a lose.
Yet! !!! His grandfather passed this past Friday. Mon-weds were finaly exams at school. He missed Mondays exams. Needless he COMPLETELY FAILED... I did try to work out accommodations with the school that were not followed thru. What can I do? HELP

This the short story.
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