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i have tried it all..HELP

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Posted Jun 20, 2013 at 9:31:28 AM
Subject: i have tried it all..HELP

A single mother the a 16 year old boy already has it's challenges.
so add in. ADHA and major depression ..the lack of doing ANYTHING.
I have done the tough love,caring,one on one, and multiple therapy approachs. Many talks with his father, schools and friends!

This is what brks it all.
In Dec 2012 my son was non responsive to everything. Many days of being late to school or just not going. His last draw was my multiple calls to him and NiO answer ...not the norm for a teen... So

a friend had to kick my door in to make sure he was a live. I work in a hospital and needed to know asap if he was ok. On my way home calling his pediatric. Doc. ( which knows all about him) I got to the point of just tell me what to do.
So the EMTs came and off to the hospital we went. He did give much resistance. I live in a place where when police calls are dispatched someone knows someone who knows that person. Needless to say 20 people ended at my house for the call. EXEPT HIS FATHER.. 24 hours at the hospital ..final outcome was NO drugging in his system yet sever depression.

Finaly a 504 in place then
In March of 2013 his grandfather came home to pass. He did so 6-13-13.
Never good. Well he had finals mon-weds. In which he missed Monday for the service ...He Failed them all.....
He struggled all year as it was never really understanding ..never wanted to ask in fear people would think he was dumb
I did go talk with his school ( support system).
Nothing came out of what was to be done to help him with his finals.
He is just going thru the motions.
Help me/ us.

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Posted:Oct 24, 2013 10:57:53 AM

I just want to say "hang in there". I have worked with various teens who think school is not for them. Do you know if your son will take a GED? Also, I try to see what the students are interested in. I try to encourage them by real world examples. He can't buy a house, live alone on Mc. Donald's pay. He has a right to feel depressed. Isolating himself seems to be just a reaction to what he has been through. See if the school has a mentoring program. Look into Big Brother's Big Sisters. Seems to be a low self esteem issue. Just know he is a great kid and help him to get over this "hurdle". So sorry to hear you are doing this alone. Hang in there:)

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