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Depression ? Stress ? Anxiety ? OCD ?

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Joined: Jul 06, 2013
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Posted Jul 06, 2013 at 8:43:35 PM
Subject: Depression ? Stress ? Anxiety ? OCD ?

Stress ? Anxiety ? Depression ? OCD ?
Can these cause severe memory loss " short term" ? like short term and very bad memory recall on some tests i have done "neuropsy tests" ? also cognitive function decline in time ? i was never good in school and was premature....also had a learning disability in my younger years...i have also heard POTS can effect this

recently 7 months ago i was Diagnosed with POTS and GERD
i also have gilberts syndrome & 1st degree av block

i have lost 25 pounds since i have been diagnosed with POTS
i am also getting married next month and i am moving from nyc to texas
the wedding is in texas as well

i have had 2 mri's and both were normal and 10 months apart without change---- MRI on 9/19/12 normal MRI on 6/10/13 normal was done on a 1.5 telsa magnet system
also had a PET/CT FDG 18 FUSION test five days ago and it was normal date done 6/29/13

i am just worried about an early dementia because the neuropsyc testing she told me my memory was way below par
and i didnt do good in a spatial test as well....block test

but she said it could be caused by these 4 i have mentioned ? she said stress and depression especially can cause the memory recall problems

help here would be appreciated ...


oh yes and i am on
atenelol 6.25 in the am and 12.25 in the pm
and klonopin .15 3x a day

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Joined Sep 28, 2011
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Posted:Jul 08, 2013 6:16:05 AM

Hi Dontigveup and welcome to the forum,

The way that they effect memory, is that they distract us as we go to recall something from memory?
So that they don't cause memory loss, but interfere as we go to find the memory.
Where if you did the neuropsch tests when you felt relaxed. You would very probably get different results?

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Joined Jul 06, 2013
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Posted:Jul 08, 2013 4:17:12 PM

i did very poorly on the memory recall test in the office with the neuro psyc =/

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Posted:Jul 09, 2013 10:18:46 AM

You wrote that you were diagnosed with POTS 7 months ago, and I wonder how much you know about it?
As I've just been reading about it and reviewing the research.
Where the issue is with the regulation of the blood flow. This has the effect of pooling blood in the lower half of the body, which in turn means that the brain isn't being supplied with blood supply.
Where the brain actually uses up more energy than the body for its working.
So that cognitive function is effected, because of a lack energy/blood supply.
Which supports all of your MRI,PET,CT tests, which showed everything as normal.
Also research into POTS and Anxiety, has shown that the higher beat rate with POTS, has been confused anxiety?

But the real question about your neuro-psych tests, is if you would have quite different scores, if your brain was supplied with more blood/energy as you did the tests?
Where given that doing the tests, involves sitting for quite a long time. This would further reduce the blood flow to the brain.
Though I would also ask if you drank plenty of water on the day of the tests, and perhaps also took a salt tablet?
As water and salt are one of the main ongoing treatments for POTS. Where they have the effect of increasing the 'volume' of blood, and in turn, easier supply.
Though a managed diet and exercise routine are also important.
Also with GERD? POTS can effect this in 2 ways?
One way is an 'under-supply of blood to the digestive system. So that food can't be digested properly.
The second way, is an 'over-supply' of blood to digestive system, which continues when their is no food to digest. Which reduces the volume of blood for the rest of the body (and brain).
So that with POTS, it's not a problem with the brain or organs. But a problem with the automatic control of blood flow to different regions.
Which means that it needs to be consciously controlled.

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