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NLD, Income and Love

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Posted Jul 21, 2013 at 4:24:38 PM
Subject: NLD, Income and Love

I have had another failed relationship with a women who I Loved very much. I never saw the breakup coming and it was just a two weeks after she was already in another relationship. Needless to say the past two months I have been devastated and trying to keep things together. I have to grieve but in the back of my mind I think that I am never going to have a real true love because women want stability and I have had a difficult time with employment and managing my finances. I admit it no problem but it is a struggle. Who is ever going to find that attractive? No women I know and this has always come to pass. I have a masters degree in social work and still make about 20k less then the average person with a masters make, but I consider myself grateful that I am keeping this job after losing so many others. I am just really lost right and so unsure of my future with having a partner that will WANT to be with me. Anyway, thanks for listening.

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Posted:Aug 14, 2014 1:13:02 AM

Dear Boots,

As a woman who loves a fellow with LD, I can say it IS possible to be loved. My boyfriend doesn't even have a master's degree, a credit score, nor is he willing to admit that he has a learning disability, but I love him.
There are many women out there willing to love you as your true self without reserve. If they care about 20k less a year, they are shallow. There is so many elements that make a great man and money is not one of them. It is a symbol. Your personality, character, beliefs, humor,and ability to love unconditionally will already make you a rare breed and a fine catch. If you are gentleman, you will be an even rarer find and a million times more valuable at least in my eyes and a hundred girls I know. You are better than any man with a bottomless wallet and all the advantages you may envy in the world. Trust me, you have a great power you are not recognizing here. You are somebody's hero and you will find each other. Never give up. I know you are brave. I believe in you.

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