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seeking information - book recommendations etc.

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Posted Aug 19, 2013 at 3:24:03 PM
Subject: seeking information - book recommendations etc.

Hi everyone, I just joined in the hopes of getting a better understanding of a possible learning disability of my own. I just got off the phone with my city's OVR office and will hopefully get tested, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of reading material (I like books, but websites are good too) that might help me learn about how I process information differently.

There are two things I've noticed about myself that make me think this might be true. One is that if you give me a piece of data, like a sentence for example, and there's some little error in it, I can't see past the error. I read it as written, and if it doesn't make sense I'll just stare at it trying to understand what it means as written. I think most people would see the error, recognize what the person meant to write, and process that information. But my mind won't seem to do that.

The other is that throughout my life I've had people angrily telling me that I take things too literally. But when I look at something, I generally just see one way to interpret it, and when I say to myself "so this is probably literal, what I'm doing, if they're all right about me - so: how else could I take this to be meant?" oh god, I know it sounds lazy or deceitful etc., but honestly, I rack my brain and come up with exactly nothing. And by other measures, I'm a very intelligent, creative person. So it's this weird rut-like thing, and I don't understand it. I don't understand how other people's minds work differently, and I don't understand what happens (or ostensibly doesn't) in my brain.

Anyone have any good reading recommendations, where I could learn about what I might be dealing with, or read about other people who've had similar experiences, etc.?

Thanks so much!

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