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11 year old daughter with multiple areas of concern

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Posted Aug 30, 2013 at 3:51:29 PM
Subject: 11 year old daughter with multiple areas of concern

My child had enlarged tonsils and 7 times the size of ordinary adenoids removed when she was around 3. Around this same time period we found out that she had hypertonia. Because of her doctors and my contacting the school she was eligible for IEP speech and language coding with the school in our area. She was afraid of loud noises, crowds, even if they were family gatherings, twirled her wrists when she was excited,nervous, upset or extremely happy. By 1st grade there were other things that started showing up that caused us to be concerned. Like: reading, writing, memory issues, anxiety, along with mood swings. She was reevaluated by the school and her coding then included speech and language along with social emotional. She has a very low and negative view of herself. When we had her check ups she was always in the highest percentile for height. She was towering over the other kids and we had concerns about her already having underarm hair growth at the age of 6. The doctor suggested that we have her hand x-rayed. The results were that her actual bone age is 2 1/2 years older than her actual age. This is when we found out that she was diagnosed with Precocious puberty. We struggled from 1-4th grade with her ability to cope with her learning disorder. She moved up to the middle school for 5th grade and things seem to get much worse for her. She sometimes feels like no one is her friend. Depression, anxiety, low working memory index along with other areas of concern. Her IEP was changed from speech and language with secondary Other Health Impairment to ADHD with other health impairment. Today we met with the child development doctor that is a specialist in neurology. He wants to do an MRI and a overnight EEG to rule things out. He also agrees that she has anxiety, ADHD, possible executive function disorder and hypertonia. I am so confused and scared at the same time. Has anyone else had these types of concerns/LD diagnoses? Thank you very much for your time.

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Posted:Oct 24, 2013 10:18:16 AM

well, I know it might be hard right now. I have a five year old who is not a straight forward case. He shows lots of characteristics for Autism, due to sensory issues, loud noises, clothing has to be tight. He also has a very tough time vocalizing and socializing with peers.
I think it is GREAT that the Dr. are trying to figure out what is happening with your Daughter. I have also been told if everything comes out normal, genetics has come a long way and might tell you the reasons why. We are in the process of getting a Brain MRI ourselves.
Good luck!

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