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NVLD - OK, now what?!

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Posted Oct 15, 2013 at 2:09:50 PM
Subject: NVLD - OK, now what?!

My 3rd grader who has had issues since Kindergarten has now been diagnosed with NVLD and Dyspraxia. We just started OT for the dyspraxia but I am now dealing with a "ok now what?" for the NVLD. She goes to a small private school that does not provide IEP's or any pull outs or special ed.

One of her teachers suggested "Learning RX" because it is not just tutoring but "brain training". After looking at the website, I am less than impressed. I do not think a franchise is what we are looking for. But a simple tutor is not the right answer either.

We have a diagnosis, we know there is a problem. But now what? I'm really at a loss as to what the next step is. Any experience here? This is my first post so thanks :)

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Posted:Oct 17, 2013 7:02:58 AM

Hi Hazelnuts and welcome to the forum,

We have 3 thinking processes, auditory, visual and spatial. So that auditory is VL Verbal Learning, and the combination of visual and spatial is NVL Non Verbal Learning.

So that with NVLD, we are talking about visual and spatial thinking.
But with NVLD, it is typically a disorder with spatial processing/ thinking.
Where spatial processing is used for both fine and gross motor control and coordination. As well as for 'thinking'. Where it plays a crucial role in organizing our thinking.
It is also how we concieve of numbers. As numbers represent quantities, and we concieve of different sized quantities with spatial thinking.
We also use it to concieve of time.
As well as to navigate the world.
So that with NVLD and Dyspraxia ?
The effect of a Spatial processing disorder on thinking is defined as NVLD, and its effect on motor control as Dyspraxia.
Where it is more helpful to understand it as a Spatial Processing Disorder, with NVLD and Dyspraxia as symptoms.
So that your daughter can understand it as a single 'disorder', that causes difficulties with different 'things'?
Rather than thinking that she has a list of separate difficulties?
Though Spatial processing is a complex process, so that their can be different types of difficulties with it?
Where the question is, what sort of Spacial processing difficulties does your daughter have?
I would suggest that your best approach, would be to learn all about Spatial processing and thinking.
So that you can develop an understanding of your daughters difficulties, and her ways of thinking and learning?
So that based on this, you can identify what programs could be helpful.
Also importantly, to be able to explain your daughters difficulties and ways of learning, to her teachers.
But even more importantly, to help your daughter to understand her difficulties.

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